Program Scientific Vision: developing innovative architectural science based on local wisdom in West Kalimantan to become an architectural information center supported by Technology, Information, and Communication (ICT)

West Kalimantan Studio Works Exhibition

West Kalimantan Studio Works Exhibition was held in Rumah Melayu Mempawah. The exhibition of West Kalimantan studio works was held for 2 days starting from 16 to 17 February 2024. On the first day, the results of West Kalimantan Studio’s activities were presented. These results were in the form of documentation of houses or local buildings in Mempawah Regency. The Regional Secretary (Sekda) and related regional apparatus organizations (OPD) were present on the first day. In addition, the results of the students’ community service were also presented. These were the designs of Mempawah gates and green open parks around Mempawah Regency. On the second day, public exhibition activities were held to showcase the work of students from the Architecture program. In addition, the second day was also filled with cultural/historical discussions for the younger generation of Mempawah Regency by historians in Mempawah Regency.