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Call For Paper InHERIT 2023

InHERIT 2023: Natural and cultural heritage are the keystone of resilient communities, the intrinsic contributor to human wellbeing, and sustainable development goals. World Heritage properties have been one of the reasons for many economies to thrive through tourism and the management of biodiversity, and cultural and natural resources and they continue the universal values of humanity. Hence, the preservation and protection of the irreplaceable tangible and intangible heritage of all kinds against natural and man-made catastrophes in sustainable ways are of great importance. Most importantly, technology plays a crucial role in providing innovative approaches to safeguarding heritage in sustainable ways. InHERIT 2023 with the theme “Heritage Sustainability in the Era of Digitalization” seeks to strengthen the role of digital technologies in the preservation and protection of heritage across all the industries involved by providing a platform for academic researchers, scholars, and scientists to participate and share their research findings on diverse aspects of heritage. InHERIT 2023 invites everyone to share their current research and findings which helps prevent the deterioration of our heritage across the world. This conference creates a unique opportunity by providing a platform for transdisciplinary research presentations and discussions on various areas of heritage including the built environment, tourism, conservation, social, technological, and methodological innovations.

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